Our Cellar

Built in a plain, sober, practical style, the cellar visually represents the Cascina Ronco’s ethic. Modern, but rustic, technological, yet simple, surrounded by an innovative charm, it is without a doubt the heart of the company. It is here, after months of preparation in the vineyard, the grapes arrive and are metamorphosed with a process commonly known as winemaking.

After the destemming and crushing, the grapes are now transformed into must, which is transported to the vinification tanks where it will remain until the fermentation is complete. This is the most delicate stage of the entire process. It is during this natural phenomenon, more than at any other stage, everything is kept under tight control. From the temperature in the tank (controlled with heating and cooling systems) to the selection of the marc cap, this is all done to conserve the organoleptic characteristics of the must, to guarantee the highest quality final product: Cascina Ronco wine.