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Barbera d’Asti DOCG

Bottiglia Volta Barbera d'Asti DOCG Cascina Ronco
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Produced from 100% Barbera grapes, a native grape variety from Piedmont with ancient origins, Barbera has always represented the Monferrato in the world wine scene.

The vineyards, from which the Barbera d’Asti DOCG is made, have the best exposure to the sun, South East and South West, they enjoy the early morning sun and the late evening sun. The planting density is around 4,600 plants per hectare.

The Barbera harvest takes place in late summer, in the last weeks of September, when the nights begin to cool, but the daytime sun still warms the bunches. The grapes are harvested by hand when fully mature and placed in boxes so they arrive in perfect condition in the cellar, where they are destemmed and crushed. They are then put into steel tanks for fermentation at 28°C.

The fermentation process is carried out by indigenous microflora so that the wine produced is a full expression of the territory from where it comes. At the end of this fermentation process, having verified the extraction of the quality factors from the grape skins, the wine is drawn off and the process is completed with malolactic fermentation also conducted with indigenous microflora. The wine is matured in steel drums for a period of at least 6 months before it is ready for consumption.


Barbera has a beautiful dark ruby colour with violet reflections and has an intense bouquet. You can detect notes of ripe red fruits, plums, cherries and sundried apricots. There are more subtle floral tones of rose and violet, with a wider note of milk and dried fruit. It is full-bodied, savoury and persistent on the palate.


A wine that goes well with all meals, it is particularly suitable for meat courses, for example, typical Piedmont dishes of roast or braised beef and all types of game. It is especially good with medium to mature cheeses and blue cheeses.

Serving temperature of 18-20°C.