Our Company

Cascina Ronco is a relatively young enterprise. It officially came into being on the 5th September 2003, but it has its roots in the past. It was born from a family of winemakers with a great knowledge of winemaking who have always nurtured a passion for the vines and its ‘fruit’: wine.
A company which uses the most modern technological concepts and stands out for its production of quality wines that the market has not been slow to appreciate. The secret of this success is in their entire process, from the care of the vines, the harvesting of the grapes, the winemaking and to the bottling which transforms the sweet Monferrato grapes into the fine wines produced by the Cascina Ronco.

Our Vineyards

Located on land perfectly suited for the cultivation of vines and well exposed to the sun, the Cascina Ronco vineyards provide particularly fine grapes, which allow the production of wines with the most pleasant characteristics.

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Our Harvest

This generally takes place in the second half of September and the first of October. Despite the use of technology…

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Our Cellar

Built in a plain, sober, practical style, the cellar visually represents the Cascina Ronco’s ethic. Modern, but rustic, technological, yet simple, surrounded by an innovative charm, it is without a doubt the heart of the company…

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